Science, maaan...


There's been a lot of talk about the future of surfing recently, mostly regarding the waves themselves and the potential for manufacturing them to mimic nature. But what you probably haven't heard about is a new big wave board prototype that Chris Christenson has been working on ever since he was contacted by a man from Pennsylvania with an eye for aerodynamics. Roger Birkbeck has never surfed, in fact, he only happened upon big wave surfing on ESPN while flipping channels. Birkbeck designs boats and planes for a living, and noticed a flaw in the design of big wave surfboards, that's when he contacted an initially skeptical Christenson and they got to work.

"There's a science to every angle. It's all designed to create as little friction as possible. And that goes for the way it interacts with water, too: The front end is built so that water will wrap and flow over it without any cavitation." - Chris Christenson

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