Decked out!

Yehew! Here we are at the hump!

Still some solid bumps in the water, carrying us from one swell to the next as another Northwesterly swell sets up for Friday - Sunday. So all of you weekend warriors, rejoice!

a recent bio-luminescent tide provided some photogenic nights along our coast, here's some shots of the glow...

High tide reflections & bioluminescent waves. #visitslo

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light show

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Yesterday we got a whole bunch of new Hurley apparel unloaded.

This morning we got a FAT shipment of new skate decks from Elephant, Magic, Powell, and Creature in a bunch of sizes. Really sweet graphics on these babies, come deck yourself out. Get it? DECK? hah, yeah. Jokes.

Also, got in some pocket knives by Roark in the glass case up front along with a fresh batch of Futures Fins, sharp blades left and right (the puns today! CRACKING myself up.)


Gabriel Medina took the win at Supertubos in Portugal last night, jumping him past Jordy Smith. Gabby is now nipping at the heels of John John in the World Rankings as they head to Hawaii to finish out the 2017 season.

Also, things are looking good for this Friday/Saturday as the Pe'ahi challenge is set to GO in Hawaii. More on that here.

Wednesday! Wooh!