And, We're Back...

Ahh, what a weekend. So much fun energy all up and down the coast, I think everyone in the shop was out there at some point, scoring at least one good session. North County and South County were shown equal amounts of love by Yours Truly, I even got some heavy shore break womp-age while working out with the Lifeguards in Avila on Saturday.

Here's a sweet little edit of said womp-age, put together by one of our customers Colton Haynes, featuring some other familiar Central Coast faces.

Couple clips from last night’s swim in Avila 💦 @nickdtuttle @the_north_american_paddle

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We'll be switching to some special, holiday season hours at the shop next week so stay tuned for more info on that, but here's the breakdown;

We'll be closing at 7 every night (Sundays will still be 10-6) until Black Friday (closed on Thanksgiving for the bird feast, obviously), then starting Black Friday we'll be back to regular Schedule until Pearl Harbor Day (Thursday, December 7th). Then we switch into battle mode and go all out, staying open an hour later EVERY DAY, Monday - Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 10-7. We'll ride that wave all the way up to the night the fat man comes, Opening normal time Christmas Eve, but calling it a day at 3pm so we can all get to bed early for Ol' Saint Nick. Closed Christmas Day, late opening on the 26th (11-8), and 10-8 until New Years Eve (10-5) and Closed Jan 1st (for R&R purposes) Then it's back to normal for the rest of 2018!

WHEW! Follow all that? Good.

If you've been in the shop recently, you may have noticed a few subtle changes, a little re-arranging and we've opened up the front of the store a bit. We've also expanded our snow equipment section; along with fresh new gear, we've added ANOTHER TV dedicated to non-stop snow edits and a sweet Snowboard Bench for all of you POW freaks' viewing pleasure.


Here's a cool little podcast from StarTalk Radio's Playing With Science, focusing on Big Wave Surfing and the physics behind waves. The guests are Dr. William Patzert, an Oceanographer with NASA, and 2016 Big Wave Champion Paige Alms.

So that's where we're at!

Keep it funky through your Mondy' and Happy Swallows Depart From San Juan Capistrano Day!