Decked out!

Yehew! Here we are at the hump!

Still some solid bumps in the water, carrying us from one swell to the next as another Northwesterly swell sets up for Friday - Sunday. So all of you weekend warriors, rejoice!

a recent bio-luminescent tide provided some photogenic nights along our coast, here's some shots of the glow...

High tide reflections & bioluminescent waves. #visitslo

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light show

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Yesterday we got a whole bunch of new Hurley apparel unloaded.

This morning we got a FAT shipment of new skate decks from Elephant, Magic, Powell, and Creature in a bunch of sizes. Really sweet graphics on these babies, come deck yourself out. Get it? DECK? hah, yeah. Jokes.

Also, got in some pocket knives by Roark in the glass case up front along with a fresh batch of Futures Fins, sharp blades left and right (the puns today! CRACKING myself up.)


Gabriel Medina took the win at Supertubos in Portugal last night, jumping him past Jordy Smith. Gabby is now nipping at the heels of John John in the World Rankings as they head to Hawaii to finish out the 2017 season.

Also, things are looking good for this Friday/Saturday as the Pe'ahi challenge is set to GO in Hawaii. More on that here.

Wednesday! Wooh!


And, We're Back...

Ahh, what a weekend. So much fun energy all up and down the coast, I think everyone in the shop was out there at some point, scoring at least one good session. North County and South County were shown equal amounts of love by Yours Truly, I even got some heavy shore break womp-age while working out with the Lifeguards in Avila on Saturday.

Here's a sweet little edit of said womp-age, put together by one of our customers Colton Haynes, featuring some other familiar Central Coast faces.

Couple clips from last night’s swim in Avila 💦 @nickdtuttle @the_north_american_paddle

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We'll be switching to some special, holiday season hours at the shop next week so stay tuned for more info on that, but here's the breakdown;

We'll be closing at 7 every night (Sundays will still be 10-6) until Black Friday (closed on Thanksgiving for the bird feast, obviously), then starting Black Friday we'll be back to regular Schedule until Pearl Harbor Day (Thursday, December 7th). Then we switch into battle mode and go all out, staying open an hour later EVERY DAY, Monday - Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 10-7. We'll ride that wave all the way up to the night the fat man comes, Opening normal time Christmas Eve, but calling it a day at 3pm so we can all get to bed early for Ol' Saint Nick. Closed Christmas Day, late opening on the 26th (11-8), and 10-8 until New Years Eve (10-5) and Closed Jan 1st (for R&R purposes) Then it's back to normal for the rest of 2018!

WHEW! Follow all that? Good.

If you've been in the shop recently, you may have noticed a few subtle changes, a little re-arranging and we've opened up the front of the store a bit. We've also expanded our snow equipment section; along with fresh new gear, we've added ANOTHER TV dedicated to non-stop snow edits and a sweet Snowboard Bench for all of you POW freaks' viewing pleasure.


Here's a cool little podcast from StarTalk Radio's Playing With Science, focusing on Big Wave Surfing and the physics behind waves. The guests are Dr. William Patzert, an Oceanographer with NASA, and 2016 Big Wave Champion Paige Alms.

So that's where we're at!

Keep it funky through your Mondy' and Happy Swallows Depart From San Juan Capistrano Day!




Ahoy all you sea dogs!

Hope your week is off to a good start and you are all getting those bodies and quivers ready for the big swell that's ahead. Unfortunately, due to some drywall repairs in the shop, we will not be holding Surf Yoga this week, please pardon us for the late notice and definitely join us next Thursday to stretch out after the shred-heavy weekend!

The forecast is calling for some SOLID swell from the North West, sure to ring the harvest bell at your preferred Central Coast break.


Meanwhile, folks down south are still reaping and ripping some serious bumps as the late summer blows its farewell kisses. In honor of HUMPDAY, here's a borderline NSFW Live stream of Malibu for all of you desk riders frothing for this weekend!


ALSO, as we're sure you're all aware, McLOUD Surfboards is our October Shaper of the Month, showcasing their rad Dope Fish model. And if the beautiful lines and reasonable price-point weren't enough to entice you, we now have TWO demos in the shop (5'8" & 5'10" models). Both boards are available daily for you to shred out in the water before swiping plastic on one of these beauties.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Finally, we still have a few wetsuits leftover from the sale and they're BONKERS CHEAP.


So come on by the shop and see if we have anything left in your size before they get swooped on!

What a time to be alive! 


Monday Rundown

Well, as expected The Quik Pro France did not disappoint, with great days of surfing had by all. And although Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore were the crowned winners, checking the Jeep Leaderboard you might find the big story is of John John Florence who has knocked Jordy down and taken pole position in the World Rankings. But that French "W" gave Medina a strong climb to number 3, which will surely make the rest of the season interesting, to say the least.

Here's the Final Heat...

You can follow these links for Tour Notes and Highlights from Hossegor, France.

Next stop on the Euro leg of the tour is the Rip Curl Pro Portugal, waiting period starts October 20th.

Keep it dialed.



We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came in this past weekend to our annual Wetsuit Sale.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

What an absolutely rad weekend it was;

We kicked off Thursday morning with our first official Surf Yoga Session to loosen up our bodies and get Zen for the big weekend, Namaste.

Friday we were joined by O'Neill Wetsuits, who sponsored our Surf Movie Night showing of Stab Mag's "Stab In The Dark 2017". Free merch, cold beers and copious tacos were just what the doctor ordered, not to mention an insane display of wave riding and board testing by Jordy Smith. (If you couldn't make our screening, you can watch for yourself HERE)

Saturday we had Quiksilver reps in the shop with some goodies of their own and a bunch more surprises including additional percentages off and tax-free sales on surfboards.

We finished out the weekend strong on Sunday with our busiest day of the event, a great way to close out the sale.

We had so much fun helping you guys get dialed on your equipment, lots of familiar faces and many new friends made too. THANK YEWS!

P.S. Sorry for the silence, it was a busy week in the shop, more YEWS to come!




Busy, busy, busy on the shop floor recently; boards moving out the door, new product coming in the door, all kinds of radness everywhere you look...


Congratulations to Zeke Lau and Nikki Van Djik on their wins at the Cascais Pro

The stage is set for the Quiksilver/Roxy Pro in France this coming week and the conditions are shaping up for a helluva show. More on that here, along with your JEEP Leaderboard

A bit closer to home, here is a quick little Surfline article with some more reporting on the scene at the Pismo Pier for the Still Frothy Festival a few weeks back.


This morning we ran a soft-launch of our new CCS Surf Yoga classes and we are STOKED on it. We're still working on a set schedule right now, but we're thinking classes will be held on Thursdays and Sundays at 7AM at our Downtown SLO location at 855 Marsh Street. Keep checking the CCS Events page for more information.

Surf Yoga Promo Fin2.jpg

In addition to selling and receiving boards, you may have noticed we've also made some room in the shop for a new area where we will be displaying boards from our Shaper Of The Month. Each month we will be showcasing beautiful, unique crafts from shapers around the Central Coast and beyond! This Saturday (10/7) we will be welcoming McLOUD Surfboard Designs out of Malibu, California as the (inaugural) October Shaper Of The Month, so come on by and you just might meet the man himself!

Next Friday is our October Surf Movie Night, but we'll leave you in a bit of suspense on that one, so stay tuned. 

And that's where we're at!... So keep on keepin' on, and have a great Friday!



Science, maaan...


There's been a lot of talk about the future of surfing recently, mostly regarding the waves themselves and the potential for manufacturing them to mimic nature. But what you probably haven't heard about is a new big wave board prototype that Chris Christenson has been working on ever since he was contacted by a man from Pennsylvania with an eye for aerodynamics. Roger Birkbeck has never surfed, in fact, he only happened upon big wave surfing on ESPN while flipping channels. Birkbeck designs boats and planes for a living, and noticed a flaw in the design of big wave surfboards, that's when he contacted an initially skeptical Christenson and they got to work.

"There's a science to every angle. It's all designed to create as little friction as possible. And that goes for the way it interacts with water, too: The front end is built so that water will wrap and flow over it without any cavitation." - Chris Christenson

To see the bizzare looking craft and to read more


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Radical Times!

Last week Quiksliver dropped another installment of their surf safari mini series 'Radical Times', this episode featuring Southern California proper. Starting in Malibu, working their way down to the Mexican boarder, from barreling beach breaks to bangin' burrito spots and everything in between. It's a fun little watch, but it definitely makes us appreciate the slower pace of the Central Coast and our (relatively) empty lineups!


Monday, Monday...

Welcome back to the grind. We hope you all got out there and found some good ones this weekend!

Here's a bit of Monday Yews...

Locally, the 7th Annual Still Frothy Surf Festival and Comp' was held at the Pismo Beach Pier.  CCS's very own Corbett Horn competed on Sunday in the Pro Am division, surfing strong through three rounds. Full results and a bit more information about the event can be found by following this link.

The mad scientist Dr. Slater had Sunny Garcia back in the lab today for further testing on his wave...

image2 (1).JPG

Sunny's face says it all.

image1 (1).JPG

Meanwhile, on the Eastern Seaboard, Balaram Stack and the rest of the East Coast are still reaping the yields of an extremely fruitful wave-harvest this autumn with hurricane Jose making way for Hurricane Maria.

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And finally, if you were curious about the science behind your wetsuit's heating system, here's some interesting info on the mammalian dive reflex and why you pee in your wetsuit.

Try and sneak away for a session or two this week to keep the stoke levels high, and be sure to check in for more YEWS! Onward and upward!


If you can't beat 'em...

The surf world is still buzzing off of what has come to be known as simply 'The Test' at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch. And while there surely MUST be something else worth reporting on, it seems new content is popping up at every scroll of the 'Gram. It doesn't take much searching on your preferred GPS mobile app to find Slater's private ocean in Central California, just ask the guys over at Stab Magazine, who not only got an aerial view (see below), but got themselves into the after-party. Although the two hour drive inland from our shop in Downtown San Luis Obispo does seem enticing, we tend to doubt 'Ol Kelly Wonka will fire up the magic elevator for us...


Surf Rock is what...?

The Brooklyn-based dream-pop duo Surf Rock is Dead is composed of Kevin Pariso of Chicago, USA and Joel Witenberg of Melbourne, AUS. They're really good guys with a really great sound and they just dropped another banger of a single with White Salsa. If you haven't heard of SRiD before, get listening, what they lack in track numbers, they make up for in listen-ability; you'll have these guys on repeat all the way to the beach.

Ironically, Surf Rock is alive and well in the sounds of Surf Rock is Dead, and their first full-length EP "We Have No Friends" available October 6, 2017 will not disappoint.


2017 Hurricane Update

For better or worse, the 2017 hurricane season has been... active, to say the least. As an East Coaster myself, I'm feeling a slight case of FOMO this year, hopefully nothing a good South Swell on the Central Coast can't cure. And although the uptick of images and video of epic storm sessions are RAD (and we will keep you updated on our favorites), our thoughts are with those who have been negatively impacted by this year's barrage of record-breaking weather, and those in the path of destruction. Hurricane Maria jumped from a category one to a category five in just 24 hours and she is not expected to weaken before potentially hitting Florida as the second major hurricane this month. Stay safe out there!


(Updated 9/21/17 11:36am)

All about the insiders - 📷: @joeoc_photo #nysea

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Photo of the Day: Perfection in Wilmington, North Carolina yesterday. Shot by @djstruntz. #SURFERphotos

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//Breaking// Testing Day at Kelly Slater's WaveRanch

Testing has begun in Lemoore, CA at Kelly Slater's incredible wave pool. Some of the biggest names in the surf industry are in attendance, making the possibility of a competition at the venue more and more real. Despite the lack of any proper video coverage of the session, we can find some solace in the fact that one of the goals of the day is to work out the logistics of new, live broadcasting tech. at the facility in the future. In the meantime, fellow frothers, keep your eyes out for sneak peeks on social media.

(Updated 9/19/17 4:58pm)


What?! 😮 @filipetoledo #TheTest | @kswaveco

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@john_john_florence just tore this apart #thetest

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Offshore winds stiffening. #thetest

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Been waiting for this all morning! #airgame #thetest

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"I just walked into the future" - @stephaniegilmore | #TheTest @kswaveco (Swipe ➡️)

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Final Heat at Trestles 2017

In case you missed the Final Heat of the Hurley Pro at Trestles, here's the showdown between Filipe Toledo and Jordy Smith. Despite the loss, Jordy still sits at the top of the Jeep leader board with 45,850 points, just 2,400 points ahead of John John Florence, while Toledo's win jumped him forward two spots to number 7.