We've got your surfboard accessories covered! You can find the best brands in leashes, pads, fins, and board bags in the shop! Here's a quick rundown of what we've got:


We carry fins from FCS, Creatures, and Futures

Board Bags:

We carry bags from Creatures and Dakine (this includes the standard board bag as well as the board socks)


We carry pads from Dakine, Creatures and OAM


We carry leashes from Dakine, Creatures, and OAM. They range from 5' 3/16" to 9' 1/4"


We carry racks for the car as well as rack pads

You can find rack pads from Dakine, Creatures of Leisure and FCS

Ding/Wetsuit Repair:

We carry ding repair kits, fiberglass sheets, q-cell, wetsuit cement and more to assist with the wear and tear that comes with surfing.

Have a ding you aren't quite ready to fix? Email our ding repair guy Corbett@ccsurf.com and he can get it fixed!