The People of Central Coast Surfboards

Front of House

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Scott Smith


Driven by his passion to be the best at everything he does. If you stand on it in water, Scott will do what it takes to master the craft. This passion over flows in the day to day management of Central Coast Surfboards. Specialties: Surf, Kite, Skate


Corbett Horn


Big smiles and hi-fives is what you get when Corbett is around. Spending more time in the water than a 13 year old plays Fortnite. Corbett knows what it takes to enjoy a session in the water. If he suggests a product it's because he believes in it. Specialties Surf, Skate  

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Lauren Macleod

Asst manager online 

Specialties: Surf, Skate, Surfboard Design


Cole Broome-Hanvey

Asst Manager

Specialties: Surf, Fashion


Nik Sylva


Specialties: Skate, Surf, Photography


Seth Dignan


Specialties Surf, Skate, Studying


Alana Murdock

Sales / online

Specialties: Surf, Skate, Recycled Fashion


Back of House


Patti Smith

Women's Buyer, Merchandising, Receiving


Teri Anders

Keeper of the books